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Best Cars

Best Cars


A car is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transporting passengers. The development of today’s best cars began in 1886th. Let’s look at what it was like 25 years ago: in 1987. for some $12,000 you could buy a new BMW 316.  Today for $12,000  no manufacturer makes a luxury car. However, given the contemporary part of the new car is the highest safety standard. To get the one of the best cars on the market today you should allocate at least $45,000 .

Best cars today

Best cars of today are very different from what cars once were. Standard content is much richer than before, concerning safety, comfort and exterior due to the advantage in technology. With all the irritation that cannot be completely avoided, cars were not durable and reliable as today. Customers now receive more extensive and longer warranties than ever before. However, today’s new highly developed technology has some typical failures such as glowing supercharging, blowing of cylinder head gasket and faulty air flow meter. Winding gravel road, mountain road, sand, rock, urban asphalt highway – these are all substrates for which cars are made today. The new Ford Focus ST is launched for the first time in the U.S. with 250-hp, 2.0-liter, direct-injected motor and variable valve timing, as well as six-speed manual, which puts it in the league with VW GTI and  MazdaSpeed 3. For Ford Focus ST about $25,000 should set aside, which is not so expensive considering the equipment and technical characteristics of the car.  You can find good quality cars that are cheaper than the ones mentioned, even for $13000. For example, Renault Twingo 2012 and VW Polo 2012 are the best cars that have excellent specifications and prices that are appropriate for all who want to invest in a new car.

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Best cars once

As it was previously mentioned, best cars today are technologically more developed than before, with little opportunity to break down. Unlike automobile technologies of today, past car technologies were not as developed, so the prices were lower. People prefer modern cars more than oldies mostly because of better technical specifications, equipment, modern looks. Even the best cars of the middle class are better than the luxury cars that were used once. The only thing to compare the best cars of today and the best past cars is speed. Past cars used to break more and the fixes coasted more.

Best cars review

Cars and trucks are better engineered and are more powerful. For a car to be better it has to have better fuel economy, lower emissions, longer durability, better driver and passenger safety and more convincing features. Cars can have microprocessors that take care of things like climate control, fuel flow, anti‐lock brake systems, engine function, transmission shift points, traction control, spark plug timing, stability control and the air/fuel ratio. Your car can even learn your driving habits and adjust the system to give the best ride according to your demands. Today’s diagnostic systems can tell a qualified technician what the source of any problem is in a single moment with a simple plug‐in.

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