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Car games

Car games in general can be quite fun and relaxing, especially if you’re playing one of the trendsetters in the genre. There are many exclusive titles on all possible gaming platforms today, so finding what suits you best is not really that easy. First, you need to know your budget and realize that some car games are selling points of certain consoles. I don’t think the Gran Turismo series needs any introduction, as it has been one of the top selling exclusive car games on the Playstation console series. On the other hand, there are plenty of high quality car games on alternative platforms, even on PC, which is usually considered to be left back when it comes to exclusive car games – while this might be true for some particular genres; driving games are almost dominant on the games

Types of car games

Currently the most popular car games are those that offer a little bit of simulation and a little bit of arcade style gameplay. Need for Speed series might have taken a turn for the worse for some, but it’s a fact that these games sell like hot cakes on all platforms. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was announced in 2009 and at that point it seemed like the series turned back to its roots, rightfully so. This is probably one of the best casual racing games out there, and you can get it no matter what type of a gaming machine you have. On the other hand you have the semi-simulation games like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport on the Xbox consoles. This is where PC falls a bit short since there isn’t a game on there that can match the above mentioned games in car lists or overall gameplay quality. When it comes to serious simulation games, this is where PC rises above the rest. There are so many hardcore simulation games on PC it’s hard to count them all; my favorite is Live for Speed and I’ve been playing it online for a couple of years now.

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How to know which car games are right for you?

This is not simple to accomplish. It really is all about testing each game out, however you can. Another possibility is to watch car games gameplay videos on YouTube but this will give you only a minor impression of the game. A driving game should stand out with its excellent and fluent controls; this can only be experienced by actually playing the game.

Reading reviews on car games

Ah, good old reviews… These are somewhat more successful in determining and describing what are some car games all about. Controls can be compared with some games you might have already played before so this can give you a general perspective of the controls quality. Also, graphical presentation is another important aspect and should come paired with excellent controls. Take a bite in Forza Motorsport 4 or Gran Turismo 5 and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t any games similar to those two on the PC, but I will keep my hopes up.

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