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Car Magazine

Car Magazine

Car Magazine

Due to the fact that the cars are very important for many people and a car is considered not only to be a needed and desired product, but also a passion for many, there are lot of newspapers, magazines and newsletters that are concerned with cars. There are many car magazines, but there is only one Car Magazine. This magazine, sometimes called Car is a magazine dedicated to publishing texts and photos connected with automotive topics. This magazine is issued once a month by Bauer Automotive. It also has few international editions, which are also issued by Bauer Automotive. Such editions are available in China, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico and few other countries. In Poland the magazine is issued under the name Cars. In Japan, the magazine is issued by Neko Publishing. The contents of the magazine are various. In every issue a group test is published, along with the ‘first drives’ of newly introduced cars and interviews with popular individuals from the automotive industry.

The history of Car Magazine

The first issue of the magazine was introduced in 1962 and it included a Sporting Driver. It got the name it is still using in 1965. The competition for the car of the year was an invention of the publishing team of the Car Magazine. Experts in the area and most of the people that remember say that the magazine was far better than the other automotive magazines in terms of the quality of the published texts, the artworks and the photographs. Popular people that contributed to the magazine in this period were Russell Bulgin, Rowan Atkinson, Ronald Barker, George Bishop, Henry Manney III and many others. The magazine was famous for being able to acquire photos and drawings of new car models before they even appear on the market. The most popular spy photographer at that time was Hans G. Lehman. Later, in the 1990s and the beginning of the new millennium, Hilton Holloway managed to project many pictures of automobiles in development. At first he was using graphic art, but later he included Photoshop in his work.

Car Magazine – online edition

The Car Magazine also has an online version, called CAR. The magazine provides the readers with all the newest information concerning cars in Britain and beyond. They publish first drive article, official and unofficial photos of new models. The site also features blogs, videos and has a large community area. The famous section, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is also included in the online magazine. The online version was launched in 2007 and it is currently read by about 500,000 people a month, or perhaps even more, since the system is only counting each IP address once. Time Pollard is responsible for the webpage.

Car Magazine’s unique terminology

Another curiosity connected with Car Magazine and its rich history is the fact that the journalists of the magazine were the first to use the phrase, actually the coined word ‘supercar’, which was embraced by the public in no time. So, besides the group test, which was also an invention of the people at the magazine, here’s another word that is tightly bonded to the history of the magazine.

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