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Car reliability

car reliability


A good car is a reliable car. Making sure you understand car reliability is important, even though you can’t always influence on knowing every single aspect of the vehicle you are about to purchase, especially if you’re in the market for a used car. New cars in general are as reliable as car gets, but even in a case of a new one, car reliability varies significantly, even within the borders of a single car manufacturer. Averagely, a car consists of about 150 000 small parts, each with its own engineered purpose. You can imagine how much effort is being put into the construction of a car for these parts to work in harmony, reliably. Before, cars were built like tanks, over dimensioned in almost every aspect, and this is the reason why you can see so much VW Käfers running around. German engineering in particular is considered to be one of the most reliable ones in the world.

Balance – income vs. car reliability

Unfortunately, car manufacturers have worked hard to balance out quality and profits. Volkswagen has stated that the original VW Käfer was the least cost effective project they ever took part in, due to the extreme reliability of that car. People were driving these for decades without having to service anything. The car actually floated if you were mad enough to enter a river or a lake in it. Even the commercials made use of that particular scene! Not that long after, engineering has taken a turn for the worse for the overall customer who is seeking for maximum car reliability. However, today’s cars are much safer, faster and better looking, even though they won’t last us decades without us having to service them. From the economic aspect, this is a very cost effective plan as car manufacturers make more money since they simply sell more entities, whether these were new cars, replacement parts or upgradeable parts.

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Is car reliability a priority to you?

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to purchasing a car. I like to drive reliable cars, I’m not a speed devil and this is the reason why I’m still driving my 30 year old VW Beetle. However, a majority of people have gone into purchasing modern cars, which is a great thing, since these are all investments into the car industry which is then able to improve engine’s efficiency as well as safety. Only recently has Volvo changed their policy and started mentioning car reliability as a crucial part of any car, and I loved that.

Determining car reliability

There are lots of online articles that work around car reliability, sorting models as well as manufacturers. These are basically service shop inquiries where it is clear at what percentage was a particular car model brought in for servicing, and what particular kind of service was done to it. I think this is a great method of finding out which cars are most reliable, and which cars should be avoided.

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