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Car Specs

car specsBuilding up your car specs

Modern car specifications can sometimes be quite disappointing, especially if you’re dealing with some city driver cars all the time. This is due to a couple of facts, the biggest one being that manufacturers of cars need to make money and this is much easier to be accomplished by toning down the performance on the vehicle in favor of the general comfort and driving feel of such cars. If you are a car enthusiast, you’re probably interested in ways to get your car specs up on par with your expectations. Fortunately, you can do this in a number of ways, so let’s start digging.

Improving your handling car specs

First thing you should focus on is boosting up your handling. This will create a good base for further tuning that is related to power and engine response. If you would like to participate in some local rally or hill climb events, you will need to pay attention about limitations. Many limitations are applied into any aspect of car tuning for professional racing use. Depending on what is the event you are willing to participate in, you will need to take care about different things. The list of these limitations in car specs should be available for download from the organizer’s website and it should be up to date. Usually, one year is a long enough period to have all of these specs regulated for your own car, during which you can have your car tested at any point, which can save a lot of money and time in the long run. These tests cost a decent amount of money, but it gets you an approval for your current work, which is important.

Increasing car specs related to power

Once you have dealt with the handling properties of your car it is time to get your engine up to specs as well. Depending on what engine you have, different methods of power increase should be performed. The regular way of increasing the power is installing a turbo charger which can get you up to 40% more power by itself. With additional tuning and adjustments, this percentage can go far beyond. However, for any serious increase in car specs numbers, you will need to modify the internal parts as well, such as forged pistons, rings and a lot more. If you get up to this stage, you will need to get some proper mechanics that know how to work on high performance vehicles, as you’re obviously investing a lot of money in your car. With increased power comes higher risk of inflammation if it is not done properly. Security switches are something you do not want to mess about and are a regulatory to be able to compete in any legal racing event.

Overall car specs

Your overall car specs in total are what make your car go fast. You need to balance out handling and power to make the most out of your car’s potential. You will be able to feel when your car’s engine is overpowering its handling characteristics, and this is a clear sign that you need to invest more money into handling parts.

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