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Future Cars

Future CarsTypes of future cars

Future cars are very famous in this period because on the Internet and magazines for cars there are some articles about future designs of cars, how they will look, what will their characteristics be, functions and performance, their design and color, and many other information about future cars.

Future cars are more developed because they are made according to the new high technology standards, which are developed in every area in the world, but especially in the automobile industry. Many automobile companies around the world want to improve how the new high technology affects the future design of cars and want to see if people around the world will love the future cars or not. When you will read about the future designs you will see how amazing they are. For example, there are several future cars which are analyzed and will be available in 2013. These are Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, Audi R8, BMW I’s, etc.

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Future cars Mercedes-Benz SL – Class

Mercedes-Benz SL – Class is a really one of the best future cars which is made with high technology, especially the inside of the car. Everything in this car is automated and you could even start the car with sound. All you have to do is to say engine start on and the Mercedes-Benz SL – Class is ready for driving. Everything inside of the car is made of leather and you could find it in black or white leather. Also, the design of the Mercedes-Benz SL – Class is really amazing and you could find it in black, white or brown color. This type of future cars is really fast and can reach speeds up to 380km/h. The price of this type of future cars is still unknown, but some people think that maybe the price will reach up to 1 million dollar.

The other great future car which is also one of the best future cars in the world is Audi R8 which will arrive in 2013. This type of future car is amazing because it has one of the expensive carbon fiber to cut overall weight by some 220 pounds. Everything in this car is automated and it has amazing speed. Some people think that this car will be one of the fastest cars in the world. Because of that Audi R8 maybe will cost 1.5 million dollars, but the price is still not decided. Also, the design of this future car is really wonderful and you could find it in silver, white, orange and brown color.

Future revolution on automobile market in 2013

These types of future cars and many other are incredible and will make a real revolution on the global automobile market in 2013. If you are interested in finding out more about these types of future cars or some others you could search on the Internet, in some magazines for cars, or in some books for cars. However, these future cars are amazing and it is for sure that everyone will want them. But because of the price it is unknown who will buy this type of car and how many future cars will be sold.


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