Know the car you are buying before you write that check.

Pros of diesel cars

Today we know of three types of cars being sold: gasoline, diesel and hybrid cars. Pure electric cars are slowly being introduced, but the public doesn’t seem to have much interest in these, as they still have lots of faults in their design, particularly the engine and convenience of driving it. Cars running on gasoline are either cheap or extremely expensive sports cars like the PaganiZonda or Bugatti Veyron. On the other hand, diesel cars offer the best fuel economy while providing their users with a decent engine power, more so engine torque, so they are much more comfortable to drive due to the high torque output on the low RPM range. Most modern diesel engines come with a turbocharger installed, to enable it to run well even in the higher RPM range. There are still some non-turbo versions of diesel cars, but when compared with the previously mentioned ones they really don’t stand a chance in basically anything other than fuel consumption.

Best diesel cars

Best diesel cars are coming from Europe, precisely the German automotive industry. For over thirty years, Volkswagen has worked on improving their diesel engine line up and today we have their TDI engines that are built into Audis and Škodas as well. These engines offer premium power output while maintaining extremely low gas consumption. It’s interesting to note that the on-going engine size reduction trend which is going on around the world hasn’t made an impact on the diesel engines since they are already very economical. Petrol cars on the other hand have decreased in bore size and have been equipped with turbochargers, making fuel combustion much more efficient and therefore economical. Most engines suffer at higher RPMs as they can’t all draw in enough air from the outside by themselves, particularly atmospheric diesel engines. This is where turbochargers fit in and force air into the engine by using a shaft system of the turbine which spins the air compressor, raising the pressure of the air and kicking it into the cylinders.

Performance diesel cars

It’s not that common to see racing diesel cars, but I’d like to make note of some. First, there is the Audi V10 TDI which ran the 24 Hours race at Le Mans and won. Also, cars running on diesel are popular for drag racing and they make quite a show being tuned to a high level. The smoke output is what makes these cars stand out and crowd simply loves this.

Purchasing diesel cars

When it comes to purchasing diesel cars, I can wholeheartedly recommend you to get a car running on TDI engines. The quality control behind it as well as perfect design which has been improved a lot over the last couple of decades makes up for an extremely reliable and an efficient engine. If you’re buying a used diesel cars, make sure that proper servicing is done, since these are a bit sensitive, due to the high thermal stress they are faced with.

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