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Rate my car!

People love attention. Car enthusiasts in particular are demanding attention for all the hard work they did on their cars and this is understandable. This is why there are plenty of websites where you can rate a car by its looks, practicality or overall design, looking at the car as a whole. The popularity of these kind of sites has grown significantly in the last couple of years, and luckily for me since I’m also a car enthusiast, I keep finding these websites with great communities that have already managed to rate my car many times. This has also enabled me to meet new people, gain new technical knowledge as well as participate in rating other people’s cars.rate my car

Why do I want people to rate my car?

I find it very useful for me when other people rate my car. It gives me another perspective on my efforts as well as motivating me to go even further with my ideas. Displaying your imagination is quite important for some people, as this treats depression and makes you feel alive. Even though a lot of people think that we, car enthusiasts, are weird and aggressive society members, those who deal with style and design of their cars are commonly calm and assertive, simply because they have something which they are proud off. As every artist, we also like to display our work, accepting all if any criticism as well as congratulations. This whole “rate my car” rating thing started back in the days of the first Need for Speed, where me and my friends used to design virtual cars and prepare presentations in Adobe Photoshop to post them online for other people to rate and comment. It’s practically the same today; it’s just that we’re dealing with real money here as well as real cars.

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How you can rate my car

It would be kind of selfish from me to tell you to go and rate my car just like that so I’m not going to do this. I just wanted to mention this as a concept in which even you might want to participate with your car. Every beginning is tough so make sure that you can take some criticism without going mad, as this happens a lot lately. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people consider their cars to be the only valuable thing in life and therefore can’t take any criticism. It is if as someone criticizes someone’s baby; quite ridiculous.

Preparing your rate my car campaign

High quality photographs are recommended, no matter how beat up your car might be. It shows a bit of seriousness and courage; I used a SLR camera from the beginning and the rate my car strategy worked flawlessly. Also, take into account that online rating allows people to post and comment anonymously and these people will usually leave nasty comments; try not to get excited, the best way to deal with such people is to just ignore them. Warn other commenters as well to not try and reply back to the spammer.

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