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Smart car

Imagine that a car could drive you from a place of departure to a certain destination without anybody driving it. For Smart Carsome people it is hard to imagine that, but such thing does exist and it is known as a smart car. This example is rarely seen and is common only in scientific laboratories, but the term smart car also refers to cars who have installed vehicular automation in their system. This vehicular automation assists a driver or a vehicle-operator by using artificial intelligence and the mechanics for difficult driving tasks like parking, navigating, adapting the lights to weather conditions or autonomously controlling the cruise.

Smart car automation

The most important thing that contributed to the evolution of a smart car and its automation was the invention of the integrated circuit. After this innovation the technology of automation started to get more sophisticated. Many car manufacturers have started to add numerous automated functions to their new vehicles, making it easier for users to drive. Also, their income started to grow because people are seemed to be fond of it and the prices for this new smart car is much bigger than for some ordinary car. Automation for cars is primarily focused on semi-autonomy of a modern car or lees known robotic cars. Semi- autonomy smart car rely less on their technology and more on the driver, when robotic cars rely only on technology. Some important uses for automation in smart cars include adaptive headlamps, automatic parking, monitoring the blind spot, warning system for lane departure, adaptive cruise control, automotive night vision, pre crash system, traffic sign recognition, and automatic collision notification.

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Autonomous smart car

An example of a self-driving of driverless car, which was mentioned in the beginning of the text, is a smart car which is autonomous and which depends only on its technology. It is capable of achieving all the driving capacities like humans achieve with some ordinary car. Technology enables the car to navigate itself and sense environment on its own and to react to certain obstacles. In many examples the only thing that human has to do is to determinate the destination of the car. First known autonomous car represented to the world was Norman Bell Geddes’s Futurama in 1939 at the World’s Fair sponsored by General Motors, and it was navigated by radio signal. There are a few programs around the world that are dealing with the law that concern’s the operation of autonomous smart cars. First country to pass the law for autonomous cars was the state of Nevada in June 2011.

Automated highway systems for smart car

With the automation of smart cars came also the idea of grouping vehicles into lines to increase the capacity of roads. It’s a new and efficient approach of smart car usage. The distance between cars would be controlled by mechanical and electronic coupling. Cars would be able to break and speed up simultaneously. There won’t be the need for reacting distance because there is no need for human reaction. The only problem is that everyone who has a car would have to buy a new smart car.

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