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Videos of Cars

Enjoying videos of cars

Finding videos of cars online can get a bit cumbersome if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. Almost any car out there has a video online, whether it is a racing vehicle, or a classic car, or a simple cold start video, proving the car’s reliability. Often, these videos represent a topic on which a lot of petrol heads start discussions and arguments, whether textual or by video responses. This can get tiring as cars are what they are – consumer products which are made in such a way that someone makes money. Good old times in the car industry have passed, today there is a focus on engine efficiency and ecology which is quite dull and boring.

Keeping the car culture alive with videos of cars

However, videos of cars help people to remember the good old days when it was all about displacement and raw performance. One of the biggest setbacks in motorsport history was the cancellation of the Group B series in rally. Thankfully enough, there are dozens of tributes for this special little part of motorsport history on YouTube. It got cancelled because of the high risks involved and was finally done with after the death of Henri Toivonen and his co-driver. These people were a part of the Lancia Delta team, suffered from serious injuries in a fatal crash in 1986. There are videos of this accident recorded from far away. Once the crew arrived to aid them, there was practically nothing, everything burned town to the ground. Still, this rally group has a huge fan base and a lot of motorsport enthusiasts keep their Group B spec cars and occasionally take parts in some rally events.

Recording your own videos of cars

videos of carsWhen it comes to recording videos, there are so many type of cameras to use and so many lenses, mounts and what not. GoPro HD has increased in popularity significantly due to the fact it is almost bullet proof, has some science behind sound recording, has a wide lens and it is quite affordable. You can record your own videos of cars with this camera; you will be surprised on how good it looks. It records in Full HD resolution which is really high quality, but the best thing about this camera is its sound recording system. If you ever recorded a video of a car before, you probably know how difficult it is to capture the engine sound at the same time. There are solutions with external microphones and these get the job done, but are usually really expensive and the last thing you want to do with it is stick it on your car while you’re driving 200 miles per hour.

Sharing videos of cars

Thanks to YouTube, you can share your videos of cars easily, whether you’ve recorded them or you simply stumble upon some interesting videos. If you link your YouTube account with your Facebook account, you can have even more convenience during video sharing, as it will automatically be posted on your Facebook wall, enabling all your friends to check out your recommendation.

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