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Y8 car games

Online racing flash y8 car games can be played for free on many websites. These games are generally simple and easy to play, but that is exactly why so many people prefer to play them – they provide relaxing fun time without putting too much effort into the game. The way of playing doesn’t differ too much between different y8 car games, but if you start playing one game that becomes your favorite, you will be able to learn some tricks if you let your instincts drive you. We will tell you some general rules when it comes to playing different car games on the website.         

y8 carChoosing a y8 car game

There are many different y8 car games to choose from. You can play VXR, Speed Shot, Mountain Rescue Driver, Dare Drive, Taxi Driver Challenge, mafia Driver, Demolition Drive, Sift Heads World (my personal favorite), Freegear and many, many more. The choices are practically endless, but I usually get stuck on one game for a longer period of time until it becomes boring and I choose another one. I don’t know why, but I never play more than two different y8 car games in a day. Sift Heads World is my favorite car game on, but I also recommend you to try Speed Shot and VXR. They may seem too simple the first time you play, but they are very good flash y8 car games. Of course, if you don’t like flash games you shouldn’t even bother reading my recommendations.

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Playing VXR y8 car game

If you want to play the VXR flash game, find it among the different y8 car games (you can use the search option on the website which is quite functional) and click GO in order to get started with it. The race track of the y8 car game is a circle and you may find the controls a little tricky the first time you play. You can accelerate with the “up arrow” on your keyboard, and use the right and left arrows to make your turns. Make sure to avoid the spills of oil and the holes you see in the track. It is not as easy as it seems from a first sight. You should try to beat the other car that is with you on the track for 4 times.

Playing Speed Shot y8 car game

Speed Shot is a very popular y8 car game which has a simple, but classic concept. If you loved playing the old-fashioned Nintendo games when you were a kid, I am sure that you will find Speed Shot amusing. After you find the game on, click the icon with a car picture on the right lower corner of the game screen in order to start. You control the car with the arrows on your keyboard. To accelerate, use the “up” arrow, and the right and left arrow for moving the car on the track. You should collect all of the “H” (Hyundai) symbols you see on the road and make sure to avoid the items that the truck driving in front of you is throwing. This game is great for little boys who like cars, so you can use it to have a fun father-son bonding time.

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